Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger leurs-même

for ally a. i miss you. special thanks to daunt, sinyhale, and all the other people who encouraged me when i posted a wip of this on twitter, pretty sure without it this wouldn’t have been finished


“but you’re such a long fic,” i wept as i clicked on the x on my tab. “why can’t you be good? i was rooting for you.”

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"Watch Teen Wolf" they said, "it’d be fun" they said…


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TVLINE | There was also that throwaway line earlier in 3B where Caitlin asks Stiles if he likes guys — and he pauses. Did that mean anything?
That was nothing, really. Stiles isn’t gay, and he knows that, but what I love about him is that he’s even open to reacting that way to a question. He doesn’t have to jump into a defensive thing; he’s just so honest. He’s clearly not gay — I’ve never thought the character was — but he also looks at people as people. He doesn’t associate gay and not gay, but he knows he likes girls. [Laughs] It definitely created a whole thing, though.

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Can we talk about this?

I always thought Dylan understood his character better than anyone else on the show, but now I have to say I’m highly disappointed.

If that is indeed what happened during the caitlin scene, he’s basically admitting that the show has been queerbaiting us all along and they’re not even sorry for it, cause guess what?? it’s our damn fault for reading too much into it !!( I never heard that one before!)

"It definitely created a whole thing", HA! Of course it’s our fault.. when is it never our fault for interpretating something the way THEY want us to interpretate it? How else were we supposed to read that pause he did when asked if he liked boys, after all? Of course it screamed “I’M SO STRAIGHT! I’m just pausing cause I saw a fly over there!”

Here is a crazy idea: how about you stop? How about you quit writing scenes that lead us to believe there’s a great potential for a couple on screen in the first place? How about you stop telling us WE are imagining things and YOU start writing scenes that aren’t AMBIGUOUS? It would be as easy as that.

Or better yet: how about you stop mocking us?

I mean, they do have to realize it’s basically a b-rated tv show that’s only lasted so long and gotten so popular cause of an AMAZING and loyal fandom. They have to know that.

And guess what’s the biggest part of that fandom? It surely can’t be us sterek shippers! You would think they’d have more respect for us, if that were the case, wouldn’t you?

I’m so damn tired of this. 

WAY TO GO, btw. Releasing this interview right before the finale is a stellar idea. 

Here is my prediction: ratings tonight will drop. Tomorrow will be filled with posts from people who (like me) have decided to give up.

Just to be clear, I’m not giving up Sterek, I’m giving up the show.

Let’s be realistic, there’s some people here on Tumblr who wrote metas FAR MORE interesting and original than whatever passes as canon on tv (and don’t let me get started on the fanfictions!). And honestly that’s just sad.

Maybe Dylan should take Jeff out for a coffee, cause I lost track of how many times Jeff said that Stiles is BI. They should sit down in front of a hot mug, make a decision AND STICK WITH IT.

Also, here’s another suggestion: how about you write something that’s self explainatory? I’m tired of actors coming along and telling us what really happened on a scene, like shelly did on the basement scene (in which she denied malia and stiled had sex, only for us to be told later than indeed they had). 

You know what’d be REALLY interesting to see on tv? A relationship forming between two people who’d never thought they’d give the other person a second glance, but managed to overcome their prejudice and their differences and see, really see eachother for what they really are, and start to care for one another. 

If you don’t find that interesting, just FYI, you’re spitting on the plot of Pride and Prejudice, one of the masterpieces of global literature (and one of the most beautiful love stories ever written), and I’m sorry for you.

You know what’d NOTbe interesting to see on tv? The OVERtold clichè of the popular girl who finally falls in love with the awkward guy who’s loved her for years (I’m sorry Stydia shippers, this isn’t about you. This is me loving Stiles and Lydia too much to see them together.). Or yet another strong female character who can’t seem to live on a show if she isn’t someone’s love interest. Or a bunch of new characters no one would care about when we already LOVE the ones who are already there, the ones there’s never time to really get to know (Isaac, Danny, Greenberg, Coach).

I know at the end of the day, writers don’t write a show for the fans, but what’s a show without fans?

I’d started losing hope right at the begining of season 3b, but kept watching the show for how amazing Dylan was, and for the amazing people on the fandom who kept inspiring me with their posts and their ideas about all the characters development we were getting even though stiles and derek had been kept separated.

I guess we were all kidding ourselves.

Dylan saying “ We support everything the fans like, and however they love the show is how they love the show.” about sterek, is basically saying it’s never going to happen, but keep watching the show sterek fans, we can’t give you sterek, but go on, keep watching the show and fuel our ratings.

That’s not alright for me. I wrote months ago about how the writers give us crumbs to keep us appeased, when they never mean to deliver.

Guess it was forshadowing cause we got derek caring for stiles, stiles doubting his sexuality (though he really wasn’t, we were just imagining that!), derek being king on stiles’ board. All things that though few, kept us hooked.

Not anymore. I’d like to see what happens to teen wolf, if tomorrow all the sterek shippers decide they have enough.

I feel so sad and disappointed right now. Guess you become bitter when you deal with this for too long.

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Highly charged sexual tension filled moment where Derek and Stiles are about to kiss and Derek leans in so close that their lips just barely touch before he pulls away after having second thoughts with Stiles chasing his mouth like he’s starving for it and then Stiles stops too before their lips can touch and their foreheads rest against each other as their labored breathing fills the room and their hearts are beating out of their chests and Stiles brings his hands up to rest on Derek’s chest, and then Derek just says “fuck it” and grabs Stiles around the waist and kisses him, and he just ravages Stiles and Stiles is moaning and grabbing at Derek’s hair and it’s the hottest fucking kiss ever. 

Then there are removals of shirts as Derek pushes an eager Stiles towards the bed and they land in a heap of limbs on top and they start reaching for the other’s pants as they continue make out before it fades to black and we all know what happens next, ofc. 

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Commission done for rocketshipposey, posted with her gracious blessing.
Oberon!Derek and Puck!Stiles, based off of the Globe Theatre’s production.



true bonding is when you and your friends are all angry about the same thing


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